"Becoming a student at a traditional dojo is significantly different than "taking a class for exercise or self-defense", although exercise and self-defense are components of the overall experience. Practicing a martial art at a traditional dojo involves becoming...a member with others in personal growth. The dojo is a place of learning the ideological, methodological and philosophical aspects of Goju Ryu with other students who are equally committed to the same life experience. It is a means of personal growth...Dojo traditions provide a sense of historical connectedness...cohesion, and meaning as well as structure and order."
                     Excerpted from Brief Thoughts on Traditional Dojo Etiquette by John Perna

Our classes are conducted in a safe environment with an emphasis on developing correct physical movement and a positive attitude.
Proper etiquette is a consistent part of class routines. We emphasize safety and respect in all our activities with close supervision by the instructors and assistants.
Children's classes are similar to the adult classes with an additional emphasis on etiquette and discipline. Training is fun, age-appropriate and commensurate with children's attention spans and physical abilities. We strive to help children develop skills which enable them to lead a well-balanced life, both now and in the future.
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